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Health Guarantee

Below is a copy of our health guarantee.  When you purchase a pup from us you will receive a copy and we will keep a copy.


Health Guarantee 

Abbott Kennels guarantees for twenty four (24) months from time of birth the hips on your puppy.  We guarantee that your dog will have an OFA rating of fair or better when you have your dog tested at 24 months.  If your dog does not have an OFA rating of FAIR, GOOD or EXCELLENT within twenty four (24) months of birth, Abbott Kennels will replace your puppy with a puppy of equal or greater breeding.  All problems must be documented by your veterinarian and confirmed by our veterinarian, and all registration papers returned before a replacement puppy will be provided. This guarantee applies to congenital, hereditary defects.  Injury to the dog voids this warranty. 

If your puppy is shipped it will receive a full veterinarian checkup before delivery date.  A certificate of health, when shipped, and a record of vaccinations and worming will accompany each puppy.  It is the buyers’ responsibility to have the puppy examined and all necessary vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of delivery date of the puppy. 

This puppy is sold as a pet with full/or limited registration privileges depending on price paid.  It is the breeders’ recommendation that this puppy be neutered or spayed if the owner is not planning on breeding. 


Date of Birth       __________

Delivery Date      __________

Purchase Price    __________

___________________________     _____________

Signature of Seller                            Date


______________________________     _____________

Signature of Buyer                                Date


Shipping Information

Labrador shipping will be $375 up to 12 weeks of age, for pups 12 weeks or older shipping will be $400 due to the need for a larger crate and higher cost at the airlines.


Microchipping is available for all puppies for $35.


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