Testimonials from our extended family of Labrador lovers

Hi Deanna,
Just wanted to give you an update on Talon's first birthday.  What a year it's been for him!!  First, I want to congratulate you and your family for providing the genes for me to mold a feisty, happy puppy into a hunting machine and constant companion.  I have trained labs in the past to hunt and go to field trials, but this dog beats them all!  His first morning home he fetched the Sunday paper (with the Abbott pounce!!) and has never missed the paper yet.  Now, he even likes to get the mail! He eagerly took to whistle and hand signals to learn how to actually sit, stay and come (most importantly STAY!!) by 10 weeks.  He was fetching dummies by 12 weeks and was water retrieving at 14 weeks.  By 20 weeks, he was handling multiple blind retrieves and by 5 months was quartering fields.  At 6 months we went on our first hunt near Tomahawk WS (after a 17 hr drive) for grouse and woodcock (4 & 3 retrieves respectively).  He followed the crowd of 5 other dogs at first, but then developed his own cadence and in the end, they started following him.  He had his first lake swim with the crowd (1 Chocolate Lab and 4 Goldens), and out swam all the other dogs to dummies in the water.  They ranged in age from 1 yr to 6 yr.  I had to make him sit and stay to let the other dogs have a chance!!  At 9 months, he went to Sooner for his first duck hunt covering 3 hunters (7 retrieves), then went to the Salt Plains 2 weeks later covering 5 hunters (24 retrieves), and his 3rd hunt was at the 737 Duck Club near Tecumseh covering 4 hunters on our side of a pit blind (20 retrieves).  He had to make the longer blind retrieves that a 3 year old Black Lab field trial washout with 2 years of hunting under his belt for the other side of the pit blind.  I had worked with him in the pool with decoys back in October on going after diving wounded ducks, so he knew how to deal with them.  He had his first experience with a diver and chased him until he caught him.  At the Salt Plains, he found a wounded duck that one of our partners shot 2 hours earlier that was 400 yards away that no one saw go down while we were picking up decoys.  His last 4 duck hunts were at Sooner, but the hunting really fell off due to such warm weather.  So far, he has not lost a downed bird.  I also trained him to fetch decoys, which came in handy on our last hunt at Sooner.  We only brought 1 pair of waders for an afternoon hunt because we weren't going to put that many out and found out that the waders had a "new" hole in them.  We waded out as far as we could with knee boots and threw the decoys out as far as we could.  Talon brought them back when we were done. He had a tough time because some L weights got hung up in the rock joints, so he really had to pull them hard.  We had one pheasant hunt in KS, but the birds and weather didn't cooperate. 
He really uses his nose well, as we do a lot of training at night or in the house with the lights off.  He even has learned to track deer blood.  His vocabulary is easily over 150 words and knows his toys by name.  He takes directions in 3D- up, down, left, right, back, too far or come, he can go around fences/obstacles/houses or jump over things, and get in the brush.  When quartering a field, I tell him "over" to change directions and 'too far' to set his range.  I can tell him which bird to get in a 4 bird sequence, but he usually will get the back one first with no instruction.  We usually work on getting the back bird first as a default no matter the order or direction they are thrown/launched.  We still work on blind retrieves all the time.  He seems to have a better memory than I do half the time!  We use a lot of games to make his training fun.  For instance, he is the wide retriever on our football team.  I send him out on a route without throwing the dummy or smaller than regulation football to teach him to follow a line and then make him cut left or right (or just go long) and then throw the ball in front of him.  He loves being the goalie on the soccer team.  Getting a ball by him is tuff!  He'll pounce on it or trap it with either paw.  We play a lot of hide and seek (one of his favorite!) in the dark.  We'll hide different toys inside or out and make him find them.  I've got him working on finding antler sheds now.
OK, enough of that!  The bottom line is Talon is a wonderful companion and very well mannered.  He has a low keyed demeanor and is not your usual high strung puppy.  He has gone to several houses when we have to travel without him and they spoil him rotten (sofas, beds, etc.) but they always compliment him on his behavior.  He will put a strain on the leash to visit other dogs at the vet, but on the street, I walk him off leash to get him used to staying close on our walks out to the field and he heels.  I don't use a shock collar and the dog has never been hit.  He loves to please and food always gets his attention.  We recently built a ramp down into our storm shelter and it took about 3 weeks to train him to go down starting on regular stairs and then working into the shelter. 
Our kids left us for college, so when they come home, it's crazyville!!  Now that we have created a fetching monster, it's nice to have someone come home and play with the dog instead of working him all the time.  One of their friends has an Abbott lab and they compared notes.  Both have a really long tongues, like to pounce on their victims, and both like to sleep on their back!!  Anyway, I attached some pictures of Talon for you and just wanted to let you know how much we love him and appreciate his work ethic you bred into him.  We will definitely be back for another puppy in 4 years!!

Way more than satisfied customers,
The Silvers (Ken, Carol, Brandon, Jackson, Clayton, Talon)
PS: Talon will be going to the lake for his birthday today!


Deanna,   I hope all is well, I just wanted get you a video of Jessie we bought from you in November.  She has been a great dog and fast learner. I can't wait until this fall.  We are enjoying her very much.  I will also email you a picture.
Sincerely,  Brian Hodges, Norman, OK


Check out this video on YouTube:


Blair at 7 1/2 months old. Like a champ!    Chance Maxville    

 and Fishing buddies


Hi Deanna, 

Just thought I would give you an update on Watson. He was one of Win and Colt’s puppies. He weighs 28 pounds and the Vet says he is very healthy! He loves playing fetch, going on walks, having his tummy rubbed and waking up when the birds start chirping at 5:00. J We are very pleased with him. Thanks again for such a great dog. 

Marc Meyer  |  Project Engineer


Hi Deanna 

I just wanted to share a pic of "Ruger" or should I say registered as "Cold Bays Pintails Falling". He is a 75lb ball of love and energy, possibly one of the better dogs I've ever had. We had a good Alaska spring bird hunt (subsistence), he has needed very little training and always eager to do more. He warns us of bears when they are around. He also likes to come to work with me everyday and take naps. This pic is just from two days ago when we were up on mountain side looking for ptarmigan.



Hi Deanna  

Pups are doing great. Here's a few shots of them. Hope all is well with you. They had their first Vet visit this week and all was great. They seem to be growing like a weed. The Vet said that they probably will be around 80lbs or so. Stay tuned I'll send more updates as they get older.  

Thanks Dale


Hi Deanna 

Just wanted to send a new pic of Rooster he is such a loving boy very competitive loves to retrieve

I think he will be around 100 lbs. He will be 2 yrs this July 2014. From Bree/Colt their first litter.   

We love him and he is a great hunter.

Thank you 

John & Gayle Di Maur


This is Ryan clark and Jarrett Thompson. We purchased two pups out of colt win. We have named them Bo and Duke. Both dogs are doing great. We introduced them to water a few days after we brought them home. We live near a river where we would take them on walks. Both dogs immediately took to the water and the hardest part was keeping them out of it. Both dogs were excelling at water retrieves in 10 feet of water at 9 weeks old. At 7 weeks old they would already sit and here on the whistle. Now they are 5 1/2 months and it is incredible how much they have learned. We are progressing very well with hand signals. Both dogs are very intelligent and pick new lessons up very fast. They have exceeded our expectations thus far and we are very excited to get them out on a few hunts this year.  

Thanks again for everything you have done. We couldn't ask for better dogs. 


His checkup and last set of shots went well, and he is 41# now!  Such a great, fun-loving dog too.  He loves to go for walks, play fetch, wrestle with rope, and eat :)  He is very attentive when we work with him on commands.  Even when he really doesn't want to comply (like "leave it" over a great pair of shoes) he stops and you can see the change in he's bummed that he can't keep the shoe, but knows its not ok.  We just go for one of his toys and he usually comes to trade :)  Thanks so much for a great puppy!  Will let you know if he gets to trail any deer, how that works out.


Dear Deanna,

Sorry it has taken so long to write but I wanted to tell you that Molly is doing great! She just had her 1st birthday three weeks ago and has brought nothing but pure joy into my life. It took a long time for me to get over the heartache of losing two members of my family, as my Angie & Mocha were to me. Having Molly come to Minnesota was the best decision I have made in a long time.

She is so full of energy, love of life, & people. She loves to play & is so very easy to train. She is such a smart dog. She has all the drive & don't quit attitude along with the nose and retrieving skills of her ancestors. It's nice to know that the Kellogg line is still alive & well. We are working (playing) everyday to get her ready for her first hunt this fall. I could not have asked for a better dog, companion & yes best friend! The Kellogg-Abbott line of retrievers are winners in my book!

Thank you,

Rick Birkeland & Molly


Hi Deanna,

How are you?  We were wondering if you have another litter in the works?  Or-- I see on your website that there may be a yellow female and a chocolate male available. Is that still accurate? I think we want a male so River can have a brother.

River was out of Colt and Mallie’s Litter born 11/30/12. I hope you remember us J.    She is such a great girl!!   Please let me know if you have any more coming soon! 





Hey Deanna!

 Just thought I would send you a couple of pics of Drake. He is doing great. We are still hoping Zoey will reappear. Drake is now a 70+ lbs pup. We love the drive and smarts. This is the first dog I have not had to force fetch. He holds and heals great.

 Thanks again for the great dogs!!!

 Michael Crist


Kirk Klass and River.  The third picture is from a magazine River was in.


Moseby's 1st year.  She is definitely loved!!!  Allen and Fallon Couch


Hello Deanna,

Took some pictures of Brownie at local lake.  Brownie was 70 pounds at 10 months old. She is doing well . As a pup she got use to wading and playing in the lake water before the water froze last winter. At 10 months, her instinct taught her how to swim, no problem.  Incredibly powerful dog. Should be great for duck hunting. She already trained for pheasant hunting last fall.  

 Hope everything is well at your kennel? 

Michael McRoberts


Murphy is pointing on her own at various times. Just finished a backyard "training session". Murf is sitting and staying until I release her, minutes at a time. With the pheasant dummy she will wait until I tell her to "Bust it" before she moves. This past week she has made good progress. 

She is gonna make a dog for sure. Gun training very soon. I have trained many dogs not to fear the noise. The first bang is heard from inside the truck, etc. at the practice range,,,,first shots fired in wide open fields outside the truck,,,no echo, echo sometimes spooks them, etc. 

Project and friendship going well! I will keep you posted. 



Dear Deanna,

Our family purchased Pryor Valentine about five years ago from Abbott Kennels. We are currently looking for a sister for Pryor. We saw on your website that puppies were born recently, however we prefer a female chocolate lab. According to your website there aren t any females available at this time. If its possible we would like to be on a waiting list. We understand that it is unlikely that someone will back out at this time. Please let us know when another litter will be arriving.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


The Bourguignon Family


This is Justin Tate from Oklahoma City—I bought Crash as the 1st pick of Benelli’s litter last spring.  I wanted to give you an update on him.  I put him through some training over the summer and fall at Deep Fork Retrievers in Choctaw.  John Amico is the owner & trainer and he worked Crash hard to get him ready for this hunting season.  Crash just went on his third hunt yesterday, where he retrieved a four person limit on mallards, grey ducks and shovelers.  He possesses the qualities I was looking for in a hunting dog.  I couldn’t ask more out of a 1st year pup.  He doesn’t know how to quit or give up on a retrieve.  Anyways, just wanted to let you know how he’s doing, I attached a picture from yesterday’s hunt.  Crash is a big boy now but I know he has a lot more growing to do! 


In case you forgot, I am from Illinois and got a puppy last summer.  This is her and her name is Pryor.  It was quite a load for her but she retrieved this goose from the Mississippi River last week one day.    Brent Schmitz


To all at Abbott Kennels,

    I would like to thank you for such a wonderful puppy. Dakota, as we have named her, is sweet, well behaved,  loving and a bundle of fun! She has the shiniest chocolate coat, everybody who meets her comments on her color. It's almost like she has a tint of auburn in it. She's beautiful. She has been housebroken since she was three and a half months old, she learns quickly and wants to please us. She loves our cats, although they are still getting used to her, and she loves when there are kids around. She loves her brother, an Australian Shepherd who is one week older than her. They are so funny to watch-they play great together! She is already becoming quite a watchdog, letting us know if someone or something is lurking around. She retrieves everything! Even snowballs! If she can't find the snowball to bring back, she won't come inside, so we have to keep a ball outside in those cases. I can't say enough good things about her. She is by far one of the best dogs I've ever had, and she's only a puppy! I will recommend you highly to anyone I hear of looking for a lab. We couldn't be happier with her!

    Thank you so much and keep it up, it'd be a great loss if you stopped breeding!

With Much Gratitude,

Deanna and Dave Brady


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